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The Greatest Warrior
48 issues completed.
An irreconcilable story between the Mongolians and Ming people. It consisted of a great range of interesting and adventurous characters

Blade (狂刀), a loyal, well-respect man; was awfully betrayed..lost his parents, wife, and children overnight.
With his extraordinary martial art skill equipped with the world's most deadly sword Fierce-God (天煞), his journey to revenge began.

A young, perceptive, reckless teen Prince of Yan Siu-Yu (霍小雨), ran away from home to pursue a life of freedom. His journey got interesting when he met Blade (狂刀).

Ghost-Worry (無珠天刀鬼愁), an emotional, bold, broad-minded local hero embodied with incredible martial arts skill. He had major impact in every character in the story.

The strongest man of Jin Great-Sky (蒼天) was a righteous, honest, civilized man. Unfortunately for the pride of his, he had to contend with the everyone as enemies.

Emperor Yan Zhu-Di (朱棣), a treacherous, unscrupulous man blessed with strong political background and martial art skill. In order to protect his empire, he was willing to double-cross his own son Siu-Yu (霍小雨).

Mr. Liang was spectacular and imaginative on this book with its character-developing, unique style of martial art fights, and well-described introduction of Chinese ancient weapons.
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