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Warlord Aero
60 issues completed.
The story began during the summer of nine hundred fire (about 500,000AD), a concurrent times coped with orders and chaos; morality and madness. Planet Earth was divided into six nations by total of 1000 ethnic partition. The story came about between the first-ever Warlord Aero Cheng-Wu (金鋮武) and his mysterious sky island, the strange fighting beast Warlord Aero Sharpei (沙皮戰獸); Warlord Aero Nanman Windblown-Sand (南蠻飛沙) from the South, and main character Ten-Mu (釋天武). Furthermore, whatever happened on earth seemed to have been within a calculation by others beyond. Who were lurking around..?

Warlord Aero the Great portrayed a wide variety of martial arts action that constituted remarkable and exquisite scenes; produced twists and turns that winded the paths of the story.
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