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Best annual comics - 《Warlord》
"East Touch" magazine conducted a survey named "The best comic in 1997". Our original creation title, Warlords, won the following horours:
  • The best original comic in 1997.
  • The best script in 1997.
  • The best director in 1997.
And also our Director Mr Yat Leung Wan was horoured to be one of the "4 Top Comic Artists" in Hong Kong by "East Touch" magazine.

《 Warlord 》
Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars - 《Tiger Shark》
Situated inside the Kowloon Park in Tsim Sha Tsui, the Avenue features the handprints of famous local comic artists and the sculptures of well-known local comic characters. Our comic characters, Tiger Shark, is one of 24 characters in the "Comic Boulevard".

《 Tiger Shark 》
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