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Founded in 1994, Ocean Creative is a Creative, Design & Publishing company based in Hong Kong. Leading by founder Mr. Fred Wan, we put emphasis on the combination of art and culture, focus on every detail, and creating Entertainment for mass readers.

Founder WAN, Yat Leung (溫日良), Also known as Fat-Leung (肥良), wrote and produced the Tiger Shark (海虎); a pioneer sci-fi action comic brought about the force of sensitivity and philosophy of human-being coupled with new way of drawings and creative arts. It immediately became the best selling comic book in Hong Kong according to H.K. weekly sales report.

Later on, the Warlord (武神), another successful comic orchestrated by Mr. Wan, a martial arts style comic book; was equally supported by readers. Today, Ocean Creative Company has gained its reputation as one of the most diverse local comic publishers in Hong Kong.

In addition, Ocean Creative Company has also published in different types of local originals as followed: 《狂風沙》、《燃燒的夏》、《麵》、《末日戰狼》、《凶獸武者》、《龍泰》、《風刃》、《海洋綜合畫》、《武神外傳 – 白乾坤》、《爆藍王》、《足球神射手》、《風暴十三》、《超人比比》、《風雷》、《天煞狂刀》、《魔神傳》、《武神前傳》、《天煞狂刀 II 》、《虎狂龍》、《格鬥 III 》、《愛的感覺.沙律》、《亞洲雄獅》、《絕地天行》、《風林火山》、《無我乾坤》、《暴拳凶星》、《武神鳳凰》、《赤柱飯堂》、《雷火洪步》、《殺手日記》、《狂刀 04 》、《凶獸狂刀》、《功夫小子》、《神風.英雄》、《邪狼.三兄弟》、《爛仔鐵拳.亞力》、《老頭子與小豆丁》、《武神飛天》。另外亦出版深具收藏價值之畫集:《海虎畫集》、《海洋彩圖(李健良)畫集》 & etc.

In fact, the Ocean Comic Ltd. has successfully gained its reputation in Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore through the years. In the future, Ocean Creative Company' goal is to uphold the style of training, raise company's horizon both culturally and artistically; shape and touch readers' hearts in good faith in order to create long-standing high-quality comic arts for years to come. In addition, Ocean Creative Company have been actively developing overseas comic fan base to widening the creative room in pursuit of originality and better character-development.

《 Tiger Shark 》

《 The Greatest Warrior 》

《 Big Dad & Little Ding 》
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